We have three levels of work. Don't be fooled by other shops' terminology, quite often you ask for a "service", but don't get the same level of work that we offer.

We do have a basic price list, but each instrument is an individual and we treat it as such. So we prefer not to list repair prices, if you would like an estimate or to book an instrument in please contact me.

Make Play

Fix what is broken just to get the instrument to play again. Usually for those occasions where a pad has fallen out, or a key gets bent…


Ideally carried out every 12 to 18 months. The instrument is dismantled, body and tone holes cleaned. If the body is wood it is oiled (we only use "Doctors Bore Oil" - a totally natural wood conditioner).  Keywork is cleaned and where possible, polished without causing damage to any pads. Old oil is removed from hinge tubes and rods. Pad seating is checked and adjusted where necessary. Damaged or worn pads are replaced. All corks, felts and springs are checked and replaced as necessary. The Instrument is then reassembled, lubricated and regulated to good playing order and play tested. We even brush out the case. The final step in this procedure is that everything is left to sit overnight and checked again, just to make sure!


As above but we take up the key wear where possible. Replace and seat all pads, corks and felts. In most instances the instrument will come out playing better than new.


There are several other jobs that can be added to a service or overhaul, examples of some of these include:

  • Crack pinning or Carbon Banding (wooden instruments)
  • Tenon sleeving or replacement
  • Socket replacement
  • Tone hole / finger bush replacement
  • Barrel Shortening
  • Dent Removal
  • Plating and Lacquering