General servicing -

Dismantle the instrument (stuck slides will be charged extra). Chemical and hand cleaning of the inside. Mouthpiece cleaned and sanitised. Replace felts, corks and springs where necessary. Grease all slides and threads. Oil valves (using your chosen oil, as they do not like being mixed). Lacquered finishes are waxed, and plated finishes treated with a tarnish inhibitor. Play tested.

Any other problems such as dents and sticky valves can be sorted out at the same time as a service for an extra charge.

Examples of other work include:

As musicians ourselves, we understand what your instrument means to you. As a result we have combined modern technology and techniques with good old-fashioned values to provide you with the standard of customer care you deserve.

As part of this care, all work (except laquering and plating) is carried out on-site, giving us total control over quality and ensuring that we can guarantee all our work with confidence. It is our care to detail that draws professional musicians from the likes of LPO and Glyndebourne to name a couple, as well as students, local aurthorities and trade.

As a result our workshops can get very busy, so we run a booking-in service enabling us to fit round those all important concerts, lesson and exams. Meaning you are without your instrument for the least amount of time possible.

  • Frozen Slide / Mouthpiece removal
  • Dent removing - unless you are having the instrument re-finished this is often not an "as new" repair. We also try to retain the original playing characteristics of the instrument by not removing metal, or changing the temper of the brass.
  • Valve overhaul and rebuilding - for both piston and rotary valves
  • Trombone slide dent removal and alignment
  • Lacquering and Plating
  • Customisation